Given the high volume of traffic and market penetration of Exotic Africa’s properties, it is in our best interest to protect our assets and our customers.


Exotic Africa has adopted a proactive approach to security, implementing rigorous procedures, standard and policies. We work with cutting edge technologies to prevent unauthorized access to client’s data and information.

We execute recurrent security assessments, attack simulations and penetration testing.

We test all Exotic-Online systems to identify potential security risks before they can be exploited. We also employ numerous means to monitor both our properties, as well as the information they contain.


Exotic Africa payment partners are a team of skilled Fraud, Risk and Payment experts to ensure digital purchases are conducted conveniently in secure environment. To this end, the Fraud Analysts are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge available, allowing them to always remain at the forefront of a very dynamic ecosystem.
The ExoticAfrica payment partners have taken the steps necessary to create a trusted environment in which customers can buy conveniently in their local currency, as well as provide an array of payment methods they can use with confidence. In turn, Exotic Africa has also established trusted relationships with payment processors and banking institutions.